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How Massachusetts Helps Ukraine

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Civil initiatives and non-profit organizations, about which we inform within the MA for UA special project, implemented by our digest www.iLike.Boston, help people affected by the military conflict in Ukraine.

Here are a few that are already in operation:

  1. The Sunflower of Peace Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Massachusetts in 2014. (501(c)(3) (EIN: 47-2620675). Its current mission is to support the people of Ukraine, affected by the Russian military invasion. The Foundation partners with a global network of renowned organizations and institutions that seek to help Ukraine in its dire situation.
  2. Cash for Refugees is a civic initiative by Natasha and Semyon Dukach from Boston; it raises funds for refugees from Ukraine and provides money without bureaucratic delays to people who need it here and now, immediately after leaving Ukraine. Cash for Refugees is a financial partner of Fiscal Sponsorship Allies, Inc. (501(c)(3) EIN: 85-0839183), a subsidiary of Charitable Allies, Inc.
  3. “From Friend to Friend”. Organized by Forum Budučnosti (The Future Forum), a Croatian non-governmental organization, The Future Forum raises funds for humanitarian aid, the purchase and delivery of essentials and medicines for hospitals in Ukraine.

    The Foundation works directly in the danger zone: its employees, risking their lives, organize and escort cargo to Ukraine and help refugees get out of the zone of military conflict.
  4. Ukraine Take Shelter is a website created by two students from Massachusetts for Ukrainian refugees. It helps them find housing in Europe and around the world.
  5. Ukraine Global Scholars (UGS) is a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts. It was founded in 2015 (501(c)(3) (EIN: 81-0847939) to help humble Ukrainian high-school students get scholarships to the world’s top boarding schools and colleges. In return, students pledge to return to Ukraine for five years to help rebuild the country.
  6. The Russia-Ukraine war has left over than 5 million people without homes so far. Forced to leave their country to seek safety, Ukrainian families face various difficulties abroad — from legal and financial issues to adapting to a new language and culture.

    Ukrainian students, employees, and tutors are an essential part of Preply’s global community. To support them, Preply has launched a new Language Assistance Program. It’s an initiative to help people displaced by the war in Ukraine through language. We match tutors who want to volunteer with displaced Ukrainians who need advice or help with their requests in a foreign language.

Every day, there are more and more initiatives, the purpose of which is to help Ukraine and its people in need. Contact us if you have your own ideas and suggestions.

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