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Free Consultations on the Rules for Obtaining Refugee Status in the USA and Canada

MAforUA.com a civil initiative from Massachusetts.

If you or your relatives are citizens of Ukraine, from the zones of military conflict in Ukraine, and if you are currently in the territory of the European Union or Switzerland, you can apply for refugee status in the United States or Canada.

Please note that it is not mandatory for all members of a family applying for refugee status to have Ukrainian citizenship.

You can make an appointment for a personal consultation, and an employee of the information project Welcome to Massachusetts will tell you about the details of the logistics and the process.

In special cases, you will be assisted in filling out the form in English or French and/or will be assisted in contacting an official Canadian Immigration Office or a US immigration specialist.

These consultations are a civic initiative of the employees of the Welcome to Massachusetts information project, and ALL consultations are provided FREE OF CHARGE.

Consultations are conducted in English and Russian, and, if necessary, in Ukrainian. Before filling out, please read our publications and press releases., or on our Facebook page

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In the iLike.Boston digest, we periodically release updated material on obtaining refugee status and family reunification in the US and Canada.

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Attention! We comply with the privacy policy and data processing protocol in accordance with the laws of the United States and Canada. Please do not send us copies of documents, photographs, etc. by mail or via the Internet. If necessary, you will be provided with a separate channel for the delivery of your documents, or instructions for uploading them on official websites. Thanks!