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ILike.Boston Art Exhibitions

The web portal iLike.Boston has a long history of art exhibitions, which started in 2002 with the arrival of a few Russian artists in New England. Just like the history of Boston, the story of moving exhibitions of Russian art of different stylistic trends began in Europe. The exhibitions started back in 1992 in Russia, then moved to Saarbrucken, Germany, and after travelling through Europe, they finally crossed the ocean and introduced themselves to the American art society. These exhibitions have always represented artists working in a variety of styles: from monumentalism to surrealism and more. 

Die Russen kommen Exhibition 

In May 2002, six artists were able to extend the journey of the “Die Russen kommen” (The Russians Are Coming) art exhibition from Germany across the Atlantic, and their unique art pieces were displayed at the exhibition hall in the historical Back Bay of Boston. Those included works by Maxim Demidov, Georgiy Likhovid, Mikhail Abramov, Vladimir Ryabchikov, Vitaly Lobachev, and Igor Karpushenko. This exposition marked these and any other contemporary Russian artists’ first-ever exhibition in Boston. The exhibition was very successful: over one third of the artwork was sold already at the Grand opening. 

 Sense of the Visual Art Exhibition 

In November 2007, another exhibition was held in Back Bay called “Sense of the Visual Art”, which featured surrealist artist Oleg Okrapilashvili. The artworks were not for sale, but the exhibition unquestionably was able to impress Boston’s art “beau monde” – inspiring everyone from the Newbury Street galleries to Boston’s private art “sommeliers”. 

Upcoming event: 400 Years 

An upcoming exhibition is planned to be held in the fall of 2020 and will be dedicated to celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s anchoring in Plymouth, where, symbolically, the history of the New World began. 

It started with the Pilgrims, the English settlers who were looking for freedom, a new life, new opportunities, and new hope. Throughout the centuries, New England has become the home and the land of dreams not only to the English, but also to Italian, Irish, Jewish, Russian, Armenian, and other immigrants from many different parts of the Old World. 

The upcoming exhibition, which will bring young Russian artists to Boston, will rejuvenate the tradition of exhibiting earlier unseen masterpieces of a new generation. 


Exhibitions and events organized by iLike.Boston always support charitable organizations and confessional institutions. Many funds have been donated through these organizations to children’s care institutions overseas. The facilitators of these art shows typically donate a quarter from the proceeds, and all visitors who purchase art at the exhibition are given a receipt for the purposes of tax deduction. The organizers look forward to being able to support more charities and arrange more exhibitions with help from the public and visitors like you. Thank you! 

Remaining Art Work 

Some of the artwork remains for sale and is listed on online art platforms, such as Saatchiart.comEtsy.comand eBay. If you would like to purchase some items, please visit one of the websites specified by the event facilitator, which is the event management company cEventa.