30 Dec 2018 News in English

Happy New Year… and about presents.

Dear Friends,

Another year is drawing to a close, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing loyalty to cEventa and for your interest in the media project managed by our company.

The winter holiday season is a time of the year when people hope for a better future ushered in by a New Year. May all the good things and positive trends, which you experienced in 2018, have an even better continuation in 2019. May the New Year bring you happiness, joy, and prosperity!

Now let’s talk about Holiday’s gifts. If you are planning a trip to Mediterranean or Hawaii,  Europe or Russia, or elsewhere, give us a call, and we’ll upgrade any hotel reservation you’ve made to a de luxe accommodation in a hotel or luxury-apartment setting. And every fifth night of your stay will be completely free. Call us!

… and something else: Holiday-season gifts may include miracles, and you have a chance to present a miracle to someone who is desperately hoping just for it.

In Russia and Ukraine, there are charitable foundations called Change One Life. Their work is aimed at finding families for children who, for one or another reason, have no guardians. To this end, they utilize various media tools and produce professional videos about each child in need of a family.

These activities, of course, require some funding. Therefore we ask you to kindly make a modest donation, within the limits of what you can afford, to the Change One Life foundations.

We have already helped some kids to find a family, and we hope that other children who are in need of such help will receive it, too.

This is something that really works – you are going to see immediate results of your charitable donation. You will also experience great satisfaction: science has firmly established that it is more rewarding to give than to get.

Please make a gift that will be of paramount importance to someone who is hoping and waiting for it – a gift not only for the New Year but for the whole life!

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Once again: Happy Holiday and Happy New Year !

Sincerely your.

cEventa’s international team with greetings from:

Boston, New York, Chicago, Geneve, Zagreb, Wroclaw, Kyev and Moscow

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