Bedford Plaza Hotel

There is a credit card required for this reservation. • At check-in, the front desk will verify your check-out date. Rates quoted are based on check-in date and length of stay. Should you choose to depart early, price is subject to change. • We reserve the right to cancel or modify reservations where it appears that a customer has engaged in fraudulent or inappropriate activity or under other circumstances where it appears that the reservations contain or resulted from a mistake or error. • Rates quoted above are only valid for the number of guests, check-in dates and length of stay shown. They do not include other costs you may choose to incur during your stay. • If you wish to cancel, please do so by 6pm, hotel local time, on the day before arrival to avoid cancellation penalties.

340 Great Rd., Bedford, MA 01730
North of Boston
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+1 800-617-2812