Boiler Bar & Grille

Be sure to visit the Boiler Bar Grille located at the base of Mount Tully on Tully Pond. This once Hydro-powered Saw Mill on the water is now turned into a beautiful Pub, Restaurant, Country store, and Ballroom for special events. Its rustic and industrial look makes it one of the most unique and stunning places to eat in the region.

Тип Неформальный ужин
Адрес 245 Tully Road, Orange, MA 01364
Тип кухни Традиционная
Область Western Massachusetts
Почтовый код 01364
Email patriots1313@yahoo.com
Телефон +1 978-248-9700
Сайт http://www.explorenorthquabbin.com/boiler-bar--grill.html