Cafe Edwige

A longtime East End restaurant set rather discreetly up a flight of stairs, Cafe Edwige consists of an intimate dining room with varnished-wood floors and dim lighting, and a casual side patio with tile tables and billowing drapes. Start things off at the bar with one of their signature white-ginger cosmos, and perhaps the tuna-avocado tartare appetizer with sweet-chili vinaigrette and wasabi cream, which has long been a staple here. For a superb breakfast, consider the omelet with portobello mushrooms and Brie.

Тип Неформальный ужин
Адрес 333 Commercial St., Downtown Center, Provincetown, MA 02657
Тип кухни Традиционная
Область Cape Cod and the islands
Средний чек ($) E
Почтовый код 02657
Email edwigerestaurant@yahoo.com
Телефон +1 508-487-4020
Сайт http://edwigeatnight.com/