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US Citizens can soon renew passports online

President Biden signed an executive order Monday to allow Americans to renew their passports online, eliminating the need for physical documents and paper checks to be sent through the mail.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, the order could take between six to 12 months to take effect.

When the coronavirus forced passport offices to close for months in 2020, the system was jammed with millions of passport requests in the process, causing massive delays for travelers. In October, the State Department said wait times had gone down to a range of eight to 11 weeks, or five to seven weeks for expedited services, which cost an extra $60.

Peter Vlitas, Internova Travel Group’s senior vice president of airline relations, said that while he welcomes the Biden administration’s move to modernize passport services, he hopes it is part of a bigger effort to streamline the American travel experience.

That appears to be in the pipeline as well. The White House said the order will mean “passengers will have shorter security and check-in lines at airports due to increased use of technologies, like new security machines and computers with advanced screening features.”

Until the digital passport renewal system is created, Cohen’s advice to travelers is to submit passport renewals at least four to five months ahead of an international trip.

No matter what a country’s entry rules are, Cohen recommended that travelers make sure their passports have six months of validity at the time of departure. Some airlines may not allow a passenger to board if they have less than six months until their passport expires, even if it’s not required by the destination.

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