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How to help Ukraine? MAforUA.com a civil initiative from Massachusetts.

Announcement for subscribers of the digest www.iLike.Boston, published by the Welcome to MA project. Fundraising for medical supplies and logistics for delivery and evacuation of refugees.

Many countries, primarily Ukraine’s neighbors (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, etc.), are helping refugees affected by Putin’s fratricidal war. People invite Ukrainians to their homes and become volunteers to help refugees. A powerful flow of humanitarian aid is coming to Ukraine from different countries – equipment,  food, medicines, etc.

Help to Ukraine from the Southeast Europe (SEE)

Today, the wave has reached the SEE, including Croatia: the people of this small country are also accepting refugees from Ukraine and providing them with humanitarian aid. In addition to the official organizations that provide refugees in Croatia with housing and other necessities, there are many civic initiatives  launched by ordinary people.

One such initiative is “From Friend to Friend” organized by The Future Forum, a Croatian non-governmental organization. The Future Forum is raising funds for humanitarian aid and the purchase of essentials and medicines for hospitals in Ukraine. Ms. Zrinka Vucinovic, President of The Future Forum, confirmed that so far, they have managed to deliver aid to

  • Lviv,
  • Kyiv,
  • Kharkiv,
  • Ivano-Frankivsk,
  • Vinnytsya
  • Voznesensk
  • Odessa and other cities – will be next destinations of the humanitarian aid.

The initiative was registered, and the City of Zagreb issued an Approval for the period from March 1 to May 1, 2022 with the possibility of extension. The initiative is being implemented in cooperation with the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Croatia. This civic initiative works effectively and transparently: its organizers have earned public respect and trust.

The initiative was joined by the Russian-language cultural center HoRus, which is located in the second largest city in Croatia – Split. Its leader, Tatiana Mazzucchelli plays an active role in helping Ukrainian refugees. The center participates in the organization of logistics and delivery of humanitarian aid to the border of Ukraine; on the way back, the transport used for this purpose will be used to evacuate refugees from the Ukrainian border to Croatia.

Together we can support Ukraine  

We appeal to the subscribers of our digest and all people of good will to support the humanitarian efforts of our Croatian friends, who receive and resettle refugees, as well as organize the delivery of medicines to victims of the brutal war in Ukraine.

At the same time, we hope that reason will prevail, and the war will end sooner.

Please share this appeal – after all, “In the beginning was the Word.” You will do a lot if you tell your relatives and friends about this initiative. You will do even more if you support these efforts by donating money or volunteering to help the people of Ukraine.

You can learn more how to make your donation on the official website of Forum Budučnosti or contacting Zrinka Vucinovic, the NGO President of The Future Forum.

Subscribe to our digest on Facebook: we will publish a report on the funds raised and notify each donor. Contact phone: 617.369.7775 (from 10:00 am to  5:00 pm daily on weekdays.) E-mail address: mail@ceventa.com.

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