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www.1630.boston is a pilot project of the Welcome to Massachusetts digest, dedicated to the upcoming 400th anniversary of Boston, in which we describe what is happening in the world of business today and provide insight into our state’s business leaders, such as General Electric, Moderna, Bose, Trip Advisor, Dunkin, Boston Robotics, New Balance, Biogen, Litecoin, and many more.

The dynamics of our articles and reviews will be based on three segments:

– History and real business cases of leading companies founded or doing business in Massachusetts.

– Business news and stock index summaries that are of interest to investors, venture capitalists, fundraising funds, etc.

– And, most importantly: we tell about people who have founded these companies and manage them. A biopic about an entrepreneur from Massachusetts is always the story of an immigrant of one or another generation, who either wasn’t duly recognized in his or her old country, maybe even was an outcast there, or who simply moved to the New World in search of a better life – from England, France, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, India, Greece, Lebanon, and lots of other countries.

America has always been characterized by a spirit of freedom in everything, including entrepreneurship. This country has always given people unlimited opportunities for self-realization and success in life. And today, America remains an undisputed leader when it comes to starting a new business and finding ways to finance it. We hope that our project, www.1630.boston, will be useful, and that it will give a boost to many people’s entrepreneurial and inventive ambitions.

Have questions about running a business, or want to implement some original ideas? You can book an appointment with our business consultant, and they will tell you how to start and run a business in Massachusetts. They will connect you with financiers, venture capitalists, and potential partners, who can help you implement your plans in our state.


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