07 Jul 2022 News in English 3 min. to read

Preply announces Language Assistance Program to help displaced Ukrainians

The Russia-Ukraine war has left over than 5 million people without homes so far. Forced to leave their country to seek safety, Ukrainian families face various difficulties abroad — from legal and financial issues to adapting to a new language and culture. 

Ukrainian students, employees, and tutors are an essential part of Preply’s global community. To support them, Preply has launched a new Language Assistance Program. It’s an initiative to help people displaced by the war in Ukraine through language. We match tutors who want to volunteer with displaced Ukrainians who need advice or help with their requests in a foreign language.

How it works

  • Volunteer tutors host 60-minute group lessons to help displaced Ukrainians learn languages such as English, Polish, German, and others.
  • Volunteers can host as many lessons as they prefer, based on their availability.
  • Volunteers can select the lessons to host on the group lessons page at any time.
  • Learners and tutors can join the calls from Preply and the calls take place online via the platform.
  • Students can check the available seats for any language and level on their group lessons page.
  • Students can book as many lessons as they want.

How you can help

Your help is essential for this program to be successful. Please share this sign-up form with your family, friends, colleagues, and network to make sure that any displaced Ukrainian can benefit from immediate help with their language requests. 

If you have any questions please contact us via volunteering@preply.com.

If you are eager to find out about Ukraine and learn some basic Ukrainian words, check our latest article on the Ukrainian words and phrases to support those who have been displaced.

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